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Construction Trades and Massage

May 13, 2024 | by Visacova Santé

Whether you're a tiler, carpenter, painter, bricklayer, plasterer, roofer, or plumber, all these trades involve working in positions that pose risks to your physical health.

You spend countless hours each week crouching, stretching, contorting, and lifting loads of various weights. These tasks, coupled with repetitive movements, can strain your muscles and lead to uncomfortable postures and potential health issues.

Your Therapist - Can They Help You?

To avoid these aches, your therapist is one of your best allies. By discussing your lifestyle, physical condition, and work specifics with us, we can tailor our treatments to your needs. Regular consultations can help reduce muscle tension before it becomes problematic.

However, your therapist isn't a magician. For lasting results, you must actively participate in your well-being between sessions. Be aware of discomforts and proactive in optimizing your work environment to reduce their impact.

Our Tips and Advice

Identifying problems is good, but offering solutions is better. Here are some tips to improve your physical comfort and reduce the risk of injuries:

  • Take care of your back: Your back is your main tool in construction. Strengthen and relieve tension in your back muscles with exercises like the "cat-cow pose" and the "child's pose." Also, strengthen your dorsal, abdominal, and gluteal muscles, as they support your back and overall posture.

  • Don't stop there! Your entire body is connected, so don't neglect other muscles. Stretch and strengthen your shoulders, arms, and legs to maintain balance and prevent injuries.

  • Prevention at Work: Repetitive movements in construction can lead to fatigue and long-term injuries. Break these cycles with stretching breaks and task alternation. Avoid prolonged static positions to prevent muscle fatigue and circulation problems. Utilize breaks for movement and stretching.

  • Think Ergonomics: Optimize your work environment to reduce strain. Keep tools within reach and clear your workspace. Position yourself facing the task to minimize twisting movements.

Construction workers are tough! Yes, but...

Your habits today affect your well-being tomorrow. Stay active, regardless of your job's physical demands. Engage in daily physical activity like walking, and if you're already active, maintain your routine without overdoing it.

Consider adding massage and flexio therapies to your routine. They are vital tools in maintaining well-being and preventing injuries.

Discuss your needs with your therapist for tailored sessions. Whether it's maintaining energy levels or taking time for yourself, we can adjust our techniques accordingly.

Stay strong and keep building,

Visacova Santé


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