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Visacova Santé Massotherapy, was founded in 2019 by Heidi Theriault. The business initially operated as an in-home massage service, however, due to growing demand, the business expanded and opened a clinic in Ahuntsic in March 2022. The expansion also brought in fellow massage practitioner Corey Festa, Heidi's business partner and son.


As a mother and son team, Heidi and Corey share a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and collaborating on holistic treatments for their clients. Heidi's background in medicine as a nurse and Corey's background in fitness and sports provide a dynamic and knowledgeable team that offers therapeutic, preventative, and maintenance massage therapies. Their mission is to help clients restore and maintain their well-being through massage therapy.


If you're looking for a massage therapist with a unique and holistic approach to treatment, Visacova Santé Massotherapy is definitely the right place to begin your self-improvement journey. 


Committed to Helping You


Heidi studied neuroscience & forensic anthropology at Mcgill university before discovering her true calling, massotherapy. Heidi's proficiency in anatomy & medicine, from her years as a nurse, combined with her passion for massage, inspired her to develop her signature massage, Sarcomere massage. This technique uses a medical approach to treat & prevent common muscle issues. Heidi established the clinic based on the principles of Sarcomere massage & continues to practice medicine through massage. Heidi is here to help you restore  & retain your musculoskeletal system to its healthful form.  

Heidi Theriault



Corey Festa


Corey maintains a healthy lifestyle & pursues knowledge in muscular anatomy & fitness to better himself in athleticism as well as in his professional life. His journey of self-betterment inspired him to learn & apply massotherapy as a restorative practice. Due to his insight into body mechanics, he is proficient at helping others achieve body fluidity and healthiness that he experiences in life via fitness & massage. Corey has been training in Mixed Martial arts and competed in numerous sports for more than a decade. Corey is here to help you achieve your goals of living pain-free & addressing all your muscle issues.

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