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Devoted to Health

Established in 2019, Visacova Santé  initially began as an in-home massage service and quickly expanded to our prominent Ahuntsic clinic by March 2022, driven by overwhelming demand. Specializing in therapeutic, preventative, and maintenance massage therapies, along with cutting-edge Flexiotherapy and naturopathic consultations, we offer a comprehensive and transformative approach to holistic wellness.

At the heart of our offerings is the Sarcomere Massage, our signature treatment renowned for its unparalleled depth and effectiveness. Targeting trigger points, myofascial issues, muscle ailments, nerve compression, pain relief, and injury recovery, this specialized therapy underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional healing experiences.

Recognized for our excellence in holistic healthcare, Visacova Santé  proudly received nomination for the prestigious Esprit Excellence Award by RMPQ in 2024. Discover how our dedicated team can guide you on a journey to optimal health and well-being.

Esprit Excellence Award 2024 Nomination
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