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Visacova Santé Massotherapy was founded in 2019 by Heidi Theriault. The business initially operated as an in-home massage service; however, due to growing demand, it expanded and opened a clinic in Ahuntsic in March 2022. The expansion also brought in fellow massage practitioner Corey Festa, Heidi's business partner and son.


In 2024, Visacova Santé Massotherapy welcomes Ambre Gutierrez, an expert in Flexiotherapy, to their team. Ambre brings over two decades of expertise in artistic sports, with specialized training in contortion and aerial hoop at Cirque du Soleil's National Circus School of Montreal. She has practiced worldwide, including France, Mexico, and Canada.


Heidi, Corey, and Ambre share a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles and collaborate on holistic treatments for their clients. Heidi's medical background as a nurse, Corey's expertise in fitness and sports, and Ambre's proficiency in flexibility and mobility therapy create a dynamic and knowledgeable team. Their mission is to help clients restore and maintain their well-being through therapeutic, preventative, and maintenance Massage Therapies, as well as the new addition of Flexiotherapy.


Visacova Santé Massotherapy is the perfect place to begin your self-improvement journey if you're seeking a unique and holistic approach to treatment.


Committed to Helping You

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Heidi Theriault,


Heidi's educational journey led her through the intricacies of neuroscience and forensic anthropology at McGill University, laying a foundation that would eventually converge with her true passion—massotherapy. With a remarkable 15-year career as a nurse, Heidi's proficiency in anatomy and medicine became the bedrock of her expertise. Fueling her commitment to holistic well-being, Heidi seamlessly integrated her medical background with her love for massage, birthing her signature Sarcomere massage technique. This method, grounded in a medical approach, not only addresses but also prevents common muscle issues. Heidi's dedication transcends her clinic's walls, as she continues to practice medicine through massage, offering clients a unique and therapeutic experience. At the core of her mission is the desire to assist you in restoring and retaining your musculoskeletal system to its healthful form. With Heidi's wealth of experience and personalized care, your journey toward optimal health is in capable and compassionate hands.

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Corey Festa,


Corey, a dedicated advocate for a healthy lifestyle, has consistently pursued knowledge in muscular anatomy and fitness to enrich both his personal and professional life. Motivated by a profound journey of self-improvement, he ventured into the realm of massotherapy as a transformative practice. His unique insight into body mechanics, coupled with a strong foundation in fitness, positions Corey as an adept practitioner in facilitating body fluidity and overall healthiness through massage. Drawing from over a decade of training in Mixed Martial Arts and active participation in various sports competitions, Corey has cultivated a deep understanding of physical performance and the challenges associated with it. Beyond his personal achievements, Corey is driven to share his expertise with others, guiding them towards a pain-free existence and addressing specific muscle issues. His commitment to helping individuals attain their health and fitness goals is evident in his multifaceted approach, seamlessly blending his experiences in martial arts, fitness training, and massotherapy. Whether you seek relief from discomfort or aspire to enhance your physical well-being, Corey is here to support you on your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life.


Ambre Gutierrez, 


Ambre, an accomplished Flexiotherapist, brings over 20 years of expertise in the realm of artistic sports. Trained in France, Mexico, and Canada, Ambre honed her skills at Cirque du Soleil’s National Circus School, specializing in contortion and aerial hoop. With a foundation rooted in 17 years of ballet and diverse dance styles, combined with a five-year career as a professional contortionist and circus artist, Ambre offers a truly distinctive approach. Her journey took a transformative turn after a significant back injury, leading her to develop an innovative practice that integrates insights from her diverse artistic sports' techniques and personal recovery experience. Ambre's teachings are adaptable to various sports, injuries, and age groups, fostering comprehensive body mobility and flexibility through targeted deep muscle stretching and assisted flexibility positions. She frequently incorporates tension, activating muscles through flexing before releasing, resulting in enhanced muscle stretch and an immediate increase in reach. We suggest wearing comfortable and warm clothing for a session with Ambre, as her approach, reminiscent of Thai Massage, involves both on and off-table stretches. Embark on a transformative journey with Ambre, where her unique blend of expertise and innovative stretching techniques promises not just flexibility but a holistic approach to achieving your peak physical potential.

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