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Upper Back Massage
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Acupressure Neck Massage


Healing, from Head to Toe

Visacova Santé Massotherapy specializes in addressing muscle problems and providing preventative care through the powerful medicinal approach of massage. Our licensed practitioners, trained since our establishment in 2019, offer unique treatments like the Sarcomere Massage, focusing on manipulating muscle fibers for enhanced function and pain relief. Excitingly, we now offer Flexibility and Mobility Therapy for individuals of all fitness levels, aiming to elevate overall well-being. Whether you're an athlete or seeking improved daily flexibility, our team is dedicated to guiding you on a personalized journey to improved well-being. Book your appointment online for added convenience and let our practitioners help you on your path to self-improvement and optimal health.

Back Massage


Personal Trainer Stretching Session_edit

Flexibility and Mobility Session

A Flexibility and Mobility therapist is a specialized professional dedicated to enhancing and optimizing an individual's flexibility and mobility. The therapist plays a crucial role in evaluating and addressing limitations in joint and muscle movement, aiming to improve overall physical performance, reduce the risk of injuries and aid in their recovery. A key element of their expertise involves assisted stretching, where they actively aid clients in achieving optimal flexibility positions. This includes hands-on guidance, akin to Thai Massage, stretches both on and off-table, and specific equipment to target and improve flexibility in various muscle groups. Assisted stretching is particularly effective in promoting better range of motion, relieving muscle tension, and addressing specific areas of tightness or imbalance. Another distinctive aspect of their approach is the utilization of tension. The therapist often incorporates the activation of muscles through flexing just before releasing them. This technique proves effective in significantly enhancing muscle stretching, facilitating a more extensive reach, and providing almost immediate results. In addition to these techniques, the therapist integrates a diverse range of methods into their session, such as dynamic stretching exercises, joint mobilization techniques, and targeted strengthening exercises. To keep muscles and joints relaxed and warm throughout the entire session, it is advisable to wear comfortable and warm clothing. This comprehensive approach is tailored to the individual's needs, providing personalized guidance and support. Whether the client is an athlete aiming to enhance performance or an individual recovering from injuries, working with a Flexibility and Mobility therapist ensures a unique and effective approach to achieving wellness goals.


Acupressure Neck Massage

Discover Sarcomere Massage 

Visacova Santé's signature therapeutic massage combines diverse techniques for comprehensive treatment of muscle issues. Addressing a wide range of problems, it provides relief from muscle problems, pain, and tension with a medicinal approach and in-depth anatomical expertise. 

Pregnant belly
Prenatal Massage 

Discover the ultimate support and therapeutic benefits of our Prenatal massage. Specifically designed for expectant mothers, it relieves discomfort, reduces muscle tension, and promotes overall well-being. Our skilled therapists use specialized techniques to address pregnancy-related concerns. Enhance your prenatal journey with this beneficial and tailored massage.

Back Massage

Deep tissue

A therapeutic approach that penetrates deeper into the muscle tissues. Deep tissue massage uses techniques to affect the underlayer of musculature and fascia. It helps relieve chronic muscle pain, rehabilitation following injury, and reduces pain related to inflammation.

Head Massage
Headache Relief Massage 

A specialized massage that focuses on providing relief from tension headaches. This type of massage is designed to address the specific muscular tension, stress, and other factors that contribute to headaches. The therapist will employ various techniques to target the head, neck, and shoulder areas, where tension often accumulates and contributes to headaches.


Swedish Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage

Swedish massage is the most commonly practiced type of massage. This treatment provides generalized relaxation, reduces overall stress and fatigue, and improves blood circulation using techniques to manipulate soft tissues.

Getting a Facial
Pediatric Massage 

A therapeutic experience tailored for children aged 2 to 16 years. Our skilled therapists provide a gentle and effective massage to address muscle tension, promote well-being, and support the overall health of your child. Treat your child to the benefits of a rejuvenating Children's Massage and let them experience the positive effects on their physical and emotional well-being.

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